Turquoise and Green Color Schemed Interiors

Would you put turquoise and bright green together in a room? Your first impression is perhaps not! too intense right? and what is all this about “blue and green must not be seen”, but sometimes it really can work, especially with the right choice of patterns and textures and with just enough white in the room to balance things out.

It does create a retro vibe leaning towards a kitsch element no matter what the style of the room or furniture.

Image from www.weranda.pl

Color scheme for the room above:

Another retro vibe room this time incorporating more white and a touch of brown.

Image from www.weranda.pl

Color scheme for above image:

green blue brown color scheme

This vintage tub and eye-opening tilework reflect a retro spirit. Vivid green and turquoise subway tiles echo the color scheme of the rest of this beach house.

From www.southernliving.com

Color scheme for the bathroom above:

Fresh, clean and green, this dining room mixes traditional fretwork panels with up-to-the-minute shades of vibrant green and turquoise. If you wanted to warm up this room in winter or for a romantic evening meal, you could use coloured lightbulbs and candles to great effect.


Color scheme for the dining room above:

dark green and turquoise

Proof that bold pattern can be wonderful as well as weird, this dense damask wallpaper creates a luxurious backdrop for a modern living room. Team up with clean white furniture and plain fabrics.

damask turquoise wall


Living room color scheme:

turquoise and green living room color scheme

The modern shape of a sleek corner sofa, along with the vibrant turquoise and moss green colours, brings a fresh look to this living room. Floral print cushions complement the natural colours, but with a black backdrop, they add a contemporary aspect.

From www.housetohome.co.uk

Predominating color scheme for the living room above:

blue and green color scheme

Modern lines in the kitchen given a retro mood with the color choice.

From www.cotemaison.fr

The color scheme for the cabinets in the kitchen above interacts with the stainless steel throughout the kitchen by toning down turquoise and vivid greens with black paint to create darker and moodier variations:

steel turquoise color scheme

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  1. Some of these color schemes are really quite beautiful. I don’t think I would clad my entire home in this, but for one room, this could bring a touch of freshness to the house.

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